Promotional car products for this winter!

Promotional car products for this winter!

It’s amazing how every year we know winter is coming and yet every year we are still surprised it’s here.  If you are anything like me, you will suddenly find yourself unprepared for the cold weather.

Start early this year – get prepared!


Why not use t...

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Green, Green, Green!

Green, Green, Green!

Did you know 27,000 trees are cut down each day to fulfil the world’s demand for toilet paper? 

In the past 50 years, humans have consumed more natural resources than ever.  ‘Going green’ has never been more important.  American companies alone use enough paper to encircle t...

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Are you too cool for School?


  • Fact: Did you know the stripes on British ties usually run from top left to bottom right while the stripes on American ties run from top right to bottom left?
  • Shengzhou in China is one of the world's biggest tie producers, with 200 million ties made each year...
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Christmas cookies and Holiday hearts

Christmas cookies and holiday hearts…That's the way the holiday starts

What comes to mind when you think of Christmas?  Is it food, drink, parties, presents or simply spending time with your loved ones. Whatever the reason, we all love that special time of year. Here are a few facts about the festi...

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Putting the fun into Multi-Functional!

Putting the fun into Multi-Functional!

If you’re anything like us (and I know a few of you will be) you are likely to keep things in a “safe place” until you need them… and then can never remember where that safe place is.


This multi-tool pen means no more searching high and low for that all im...

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The Advantage Group Trade Show

The Advantage Group Trade Show: Where would you go to keep up to date with the latest popular branded products and trends in the promotional merchandise industry? We attended The Advantage Group Trade Show to do exactly that!



The Advantage Group hold an annual trade show, catalogue launch and...

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We Fidget, Do You?

You may have seen all over social media the new Fidget Cube and Fidget Spinner craze over the past month… but what is all the fuss about?



What is a Fidget Cube?

The Fidget Cube is a fantastic promotional desk toy that can be branded with a company logo. For anyone who likes to fidget, and yes...

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Charity Colour Obstacle Rush!

On Saturday 10th June, we will be taking part in the Colour Obstacle Rush, raising money for St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital.


The main Fundraisers consist of Isla Richards and Diana Safieh (Dee) who are leading the ‘Dee’s Knees’ team. The rest of the team consists of Jess, Suzanne and Shirley ...

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Top 10 Festival Products

The Top 10 Promotional Products for Festivals that will be sure to get your brand noticed!...


Whether you love or loathe a festival, there are thousands that take place all over the UK and world every year.

Festivals are big and getting even bigger. In fact, research carried out by Think Money i...

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Compressed Textiles bring Happiness and Smiles :)

What are Compressed Textiles?


Beverage-can-shaped-compressed-T-ShirtChristmas-Tree-Shape (3).jpg/Content/Images/uploaded/Blog 5 Compressed Textiles/Compressed-T-shirt-in-the-shape-of-an-Oval.JPG   /Content/Images/uploaded/Blog 5 Compressed Textiles/Compressed-T-shirt-in-the-shape-of-an-apple.jpg


Compressed textiles refers to a cotton product of your choice, such as a t-shirt or a towel, that is branded with your logo using decorative apparel techniques such as screen printing or embroidery. The textile product is then compressed to make it small eno...

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