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Key Dates For The Diary – Marketing Planner


As the New Year comes into full swing, you are now all allocating your budget for the coming year. This may be the time to think about all those missed opportunities from last year and find out how you can take advantage of these this year.



Now is the time to plan and maximise all those important dates to promote your company, thank existing customers and attract new customers.


Different Campaign Ideas

  • Gifts and giveaways
  • Sweepstakes
  • Competitions and games
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Social media campaign
  • Email marketing


Valentine’s Day

This is the date you can really show your customers how much you care. Whilst Chocolate is the most popular gift in the promotional world, you can brand your logo on a wide variety of products and really tailor your promotional Valentine’s Day gift to your corporate brand image. Check out our other Valentine's Day giveaway ideas.



Why not think outside of the box with your promotional Easter campaign this year? The options available for this are vast, but we particularly love this orange chocolate carrot promo gift! Creating a social media competition where your customers win a free Easter feast if they share your online content will help to generate a buzz in the lead up to this festive period... And remember an Easter egg hunt is not just for children! A chocolatey gift is guaranteed to make people smile, and a happy customer means increased sales and customer loyalty! But our Easter product range doesn't stop there, we have many other Easter promotion ideas for your upcoming marketing campaigns!


Mother’s Day

Let’s never forget Mother’s Day. Arguably one of the most important days of the year.  You can supply your customers with the perfect Mother’s Day gift, something make her smile and branded with your company logo for all her friends to see. Creating a memorable moment that can really make your company stand out. You could organise a sweapstake for your customers, instead of money use branded beauty products and other personalised cosmetics products. Check out our other promotional gifts for women, with many more ideas suitable for Mother's Day!

promotional gifts-fragrance-candle-tin

Fathers Day

We all know that fathers care about Father’s Day just as much as mothers care about Mother’s Day.  All you dads out there don’t deny it! Think about what your company can do for them to make their day special. Brand your logo onto tech products for those tech-savvy dads or how about beer tankards or personalised socks for Dad’s wanting a more relaxing day at home Building a relationship between yourself and your customer is an excellent way to continue business. What gift would your dad like? Take a look at our other giveaways for men to help make Father's Day run smoothly.



It’s getting bigger and bigger each year. This is the perfect time to play games and have some fun with your customers. Cakes, chocolates and pumpkins are naturally what everyone expects at Halloween. Yes, we can even brand that bopping apple... You don’t necessarily have to stick with the orange and black theme. Why not choose purple and silver, for a spooky apothecary feeling. For more inspiration, visit our Halloween giveaway ideas Pinterest board.



Branded Christmas decorations are one of the most popular ideas for a promotional gift or mail out, and baubles were our best seller for October, November and December last year.  Some businesses choose to send these to their top customers, while some organisations simply use them to decorate their office.  A festive office is a happy office and if your employees are happy there is evidence that proves that a happy employee is likely to be around 20% more productive that an unhappy employee (Forbes 2017). We have 100s of different Christmas product ideas, please take a look at our Christmas blog for more inspiration!



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